Shaving Soap & Bowl Combo

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Save by buying your favorite Shaving Soap with one of our custom Shaving Bowls, hand-turned from Beech wood!
Shaving Bowl
Single-piece natural beech-wood bowl and lid, hand-turned in Latvia. Perfectly sized to fit our Shaving Soaps! Safe to use for lathering your Shaving Soap in, but do not store bowl wet or in shower. Please see included care instructions.
1 × Shaving Bowl

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Shaving Soap
Small-batch, handmade natural Shaving Soap in choice of scent. Our Shaving Soaps are great for both Men & Women! Made with a natural vegetable glycerin base, we add Castor oil & Bentonite Clay so your razor will slip & glide instead of catch & cut. We also add Golden Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil for extra moisturizing and nourishment.


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