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Herban Beautanicals is a small, family-operated Texas business making high-quality soaps, shaving & beard care, lotion bars, and bath products by hand in small batches using only the finest botanicals & raw materials.

The idea to make quality soap & bath products began with making a hand & body lotion for my mother.  I have actually been making soaps & bath items for family since the early 2000’s.  Around that time, my mother developed a bothersome skin rash on her hands and feet…she was dealing with dry, sore, and cracked skin on her hands & feet. Her doctors tried various over-the-counter and prescription lotions and creams, with no positive results. They eventually discovered she was allergic to lanolin…a common ingredient in both prescription & over-the-counter lotions. I began researching skin conditions and ingredients in her products…I ended up developing my own solid lotion bar to moisturize, nourish, and sooth her skin that didn’t contain any harsh chemicals or potential irritants like lanolin. And then Butter Me Up! was born…a solid lotion bar that was nourishing, moisturizing, and free of lanolin & other ingredients that could irritate skin. More products followed as friends & family tried my recipes and asked for new items.

In 2006 I moved to Austin, TX with my first industrial job in the chemicals industry. As I continued to pay attention to ingredient labels, I researched the stuff in the products I used in the shower or bath and for shaving.

I became more concerned when I recognized more & more overlap between the ingredients in the conventional bath products I was using and those in strong industrial blends used in my job. It was at this time I began to move away from conventional brands & labels to more earth-friendly and safe products…but they were hard to find, expensive, and often weren’t as nice.

In 2009 I moved again, this time to Houston, TX and the Oil & Gas industry. I continued my experiments to make my own products that were safe for me, safe for the environment, worked well, and smelled nice…but now I had different friends and colleagues to test them on. Some experiments were not so good (loofah in a soap is not the ideal combination) and others were a success (Hunny Bun is still here today). Before long, some friends encouraged me to try selling my items at local craft shows or holiday markets…and I was hooked!

Fast forward a little and in 2012 I did my first shows as a vendor…then in 2013 I got help to design my logo and come up with a name.  I also joined the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GoTexan program. Finally, in 2014 I filed for my DBA and Herban Beautanicals was officially born. Later in 2014 my career moved me to Calgary, Alberta in Canada…where I couldn’t operate as a Sole Proprietorship and couldn’t participate in the GoTexan program…Herban Beautanicals went on hold for a while.


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