Crème Fraîche


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    This wonderfully light & fresh shaving soap combines Lemongrass & Clary Sage pure Essential Oils to create a fresh & uplifting scent. Clary Sage & Lemongrass both provide astringent & clarifying qualities to this blend and help to reduce inflammation. Lemongrass also provides antiseptic & antimicrobial effects.
    All our Shaving Soaps are made with a natural vegetable glycerin base. We add additional Glycerin, Castor oil, and Bentonite Clay to help your razor slip & glide, instead of catch & cut. We also add Golden Jojoba Oil and pure Vitamin E oil, to leave your skin nourished & moisturized with every use.
    These Shaving Soaps lather up with just hot water, but you will get a wonderful rich cream with a shaving brush.
    Perfect for Men or Women!

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