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An homage to classic French perfumes & colognes, the blend of pure Essential Oils has a strong floral base of French Lavender & Ylang-Ylang, with some Peru Balsam to add some sweetness & depth. While this blend is more in tune with its feminine side, it is intended for anyone to use. This bar has no colorants, getting its color from the unrefined Shea & Cocoa Butters and Beeswax.

All our Solid Lotion Bars are made with our blend of unrefined & non-deodorized Shea, Cocoa, & Mango Butters. We add Golden Jojoba oil to help all the goodness absorb into your skin without feeling greasy. Pure Vitamin E oil is a wonderful antioxidant & anti-aging boost as well! Unrefined natural beeswax adds a soft yellow color, helps keep everything solid, and give this bar a hint of sweetness.

To use, simply rub between your hands, on knees & elbows, or wherever that TLC is needed. The Lotion Bar will melt with your body heat and absorb into your skin without a greasy or oily residue.

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